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X-Wing 2.0 Core Set


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Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the second edition takes everything the first edition did well and refines it, creating a more fluid gameplay experience! Take control of your very own galactic squadron as you take to the stars and take on your opponents in inter-galactic battles, playing with your favourite starships! During a one of these starship dogfights, [layers will utilise unique abilities, all to give them an advantage while engaging in fierce combat. Every ship is different, each with its own set of cards, detailing manoeuvres ranging from gentle banking turns to aggressive Koiogran turns. Each round will begin with a player selecting (in secret) a manoeuvre from each of their ships specialised dials. As soon as this decision has been made, the ships take slight and you will both begin moving the ships, weaving throughout the galactic battlefield, using your manoeuvres to gain the advantage over your opponent. With its intuitive mechanics and refined gameplay, the second edition really brings a great gameplay experience to both beginners and veterans of X-Wing. With the Core set, you will receive two TIE fighters along with one T-65 X-Wing miniature, all with their own manoeuvre templates, dials, cards and dice. The miniatures are all beautifully pre-painted, meaning there is no need for long hours to be spent painting each intricate model, a big draw for people just starting out! Remember, the Core Set is just the beginning of the X-Wing universe! There are numerous expansions to enrich your experience and extend the gameplay, while also allowing players to build up a full hangar bay’s worth of ships, ready for battle! Player Count: 2 Time: 30-45 Minutes Age: 14+


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