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Mmmeeple Tube


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Jelly Meeples in 6 flavours:  Custard, Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Watermelon, Lime and Peach


Available as a mixed set of all 6 flavours, or as single coloured tubes for those who are devoted to their favourite colour!


Tasting notes:

Watermelon: Refreshing watermelon aromas with a light, sweetly acidic finish

Peach: Strong and peachy notes, reminiscent of summer climes

Custard: Smooth creamy custard flavour with vanilla moments

Lime: Tart and exotic, evocative of warm places we are not currently allowed to visit

Raspberry: Powerful yet delicate raspberry paired with the unmistakeable taste of blue

Blackcurrant: A vibrantly tart flavour profile mimicking the sourness of the real fruit

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