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Gaia Red Starter Deck


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A brand-new card game featuring the famous DIGIMON series!
Uses the simple but unique strategic game system created by renowned American game designer Ryan Miller.

“Raising” & “Evolving” hold the keys to victory, just like the original story! Contains various types of illustrations sure to satisfy DIGIMON collectors and fans!

Easy to pick up and start the game!
English ver. contains an additional booster pack!

  • Constructed Deck ×1

  • Booster Pack (Ver.1.0) ×1 pack

  • Memory Gauge ×2

Card types in box
16 types

Common: 7 types, Uncommon: 5 types, Rare: 3 types, Super Rare: 1 type


Starter Deck (1 set of 54 cards), 2 memory gauges and 1 Booster Pack (Release Special Booster Ver.1.0)

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1.12 kg
Dimensions 17 × 10.4 × 23.4 cm

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