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FaB Road to Nationals 2023


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Join us for our first Road to Nationals event!

20th May 2023

Entry – £30

Format – Classic Constructed

50 minute rounds, best of 1


Decklists are required.  Blank decklists will be available on the day but please ensure you have enough time to fill in your decklist BEFORE registration closes at 9:45am.



Registration from 9am

Registration closes at 9:45am

Round 1 – 10am

Lunch Break at approximately 1pm


Number of rounds dependent on numbers but will follow the following framework:

Players Swiss Rounds Top Cut
8 3 None
9-16 4 Top 8
17-32 5 Top 8
33-64 6 Top 8
65-128 7 Top 8

Our event is capped at 40 players.




39-41 Borough Road




There is a public car park behind the venue which can be accessed via Garnet Street.  Parking charges apply.

There is also a bus stop right outside the venue and the bus station is a 5-10 minute walk from the venue.

The train station is 15 minutes walk from the venue.


Snacks and drinks are available in store but no food is served.  You are welcome to bring your own food in to the store but we ask that deliveries aren’t made to the store.



Placing What materials When
1st 1x Jubeel, Spellbane Cold Foil Equipment to be awarded to the winner of your Road to Nationals event. At the conclusion of top 8
1st – 8th 4x Uzuri, Switchblade Cold Foil Hero cards & 4x Riptide, Lurker of the Deep Cold Foil To be given out randomly to the top 8 players at the conclusion of swiss rounds
9th – 32nd 24x Spinning Wheel Kick Rainbow Foil Extended Art cards At the conclusion of swiss rounds

In addition to the official prizing provided by Legendary Story Studios we will be providing an a booster pack for each participant and then an additional booster for each subsequent round win.

E.g. If you win All Swiss rounds and each round of the cut, you will receive 9 additional boosters (based on a 5 round event)



In order to prepare properly for the event we do require players to book in advance.  This can be done in store from 17th March 2023 or online on our website: www.fireanddicegames.net from 18th March 2023.

Deck lists are not required at booking but will be required before registration closes on the day.

No refunds will be given for non attendance if we are not contacted more than 24 hours in advance of the event.


Judge – TBC


Join our discord server to keep up to date with upcoming events and join the community: https://discord.gg/PNmxqwrjje

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