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Dungeons & Dragons Notebook and Pencil


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Pen and Paper games like Dungeons & Dragons are accessible digitally but nothing quite beats having the actual pen (or pencil) and paper to hand whenever you need to make adjustments.
For many of us out there, being able to physically erase our character’s lost HP or inventory items still has strong appeal and with this notebook and pencil, you can do just that!

And while some people prefer a different rule on their paper, with this notebook, you don’t have to choose because it has two types!
The left-hand pages have a grid rule on them which is great for tracking resources like:

  • Spell Slots.
  • Ki Points.
  • Superiority Dice.
  • Bardic Inspiration.
  • Etc.

Whereas the right-hand pages have a lined grid making it great for:

  • Keeping track of character HP (Max, Remaining, Temporary and Non-Lethal).
  • Writing down inventory items and their specifics (Like magic items and their effects etc).
  • Feats, abilities and skills that your character might have.
  • General adventurer notes (Important NPC names, tip-offs, research and the like)

It really is the best of both worlds. And with this notebook, you’re sure to be equipped for whatever the DM throws at you.

On the front cover of this handy notebook is some stunning Nordic-inspired artwork. It features a male figure who is wearing a horned skull helmet and provides an awesome-looking fantasy-themed vibe that will be well-received amongst fellow adventurers.

Makes a great gift for Dungeons & Dragons gamers and provides them with the space to keep track of all the important information about their characters and adventures

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