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CFV BT11 Clash of Heroes Sneak Peek


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Cardfight! Vanguard BT11 Sneak Peek
Saturday 9th September
Round 1 starts at 1:30pm
4 rounds of Swiss
50 minute rounds, Best of 3
Cut to top 4
No time limit for top cut
Best of 3
£20 entry
Constructed decks (Bring a standard deck with you!)
Deck lists required
Promos for all participants
Playmats for 1st and 2nd
Random Playmats as door prizes
Booster Prize support:
1st – 16 Packs
2nd – 10 Packs
3rd – 4th – 6 Packs
5th – 8th – 4 Packs
9th – 16th – 3 Packs
16 Spaces Cap.

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